As traditional craftsmen, as well as replacing lost ironwork we have had the privilege to help in the restoration of historic ironwork, as part of larger restoration programs. We welcome enquiries of this nature.

Ellestone Church Tower weather vane.

Norbury Church window bars - these support the stained glass.

The new owners of a listed property in Worcestershire only had one of the original window handles so we were commissioned to make 41 replicas as part of a restoration project.
Can you spot the original?

These fine Edwardian gates to a former mill owner's house in Derbyshire were in a very sorry state.  Rust expansion, collision damage and general decay had taken their toll.  Fortunately we were able to repair all the structural defects and replace those decorative elements that were missing or decayed beyond redemption, restoring the gates to their former glory.  A full assessment with diagnostic drawings was produced prior to works, as well as a written report and photographic record of the works as they progressed, to comply with the exacting standards of the National Trust, who own the property, and the YHA who manage it.

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